Halloween Parade And Chili Cook Off 2017


Hidden Oaks Home Owners are invited to this years Halloween Parade And Chili Cook Off!

Time: Sunday, October 29 at 3 PM – 6 PM CDT
Location: Canyon Oak Ct, and the common ground
What to Bring:

  • A pot of chili for your chance to win 1 of 3 gift cards.
  • A side item or dessert to share
  • Drinks, this is a BYOB and soda/juice event
  • If you have children, have them wear their Halloween costume for the Halloween Parade
  • If you are watching the parade you have the option of giving out candy or treats to our residents in costume

Bounce House Bounce house will be set up by the start time! Please note- no sharps, jewelry, shoes, food, drink not allowed in the bounce house

3PM – start gathering….

3:30– our kids dressed in their costumes will be lead through the neighborhood in a parade….if you are staying home and see them coming- you are welcome to come out to see them and if you so desire…hand out a little candy early! 🙂

4:15-30 the chili judging begins- we have asked our police department to stop by and judge…they will stop by when they can and test the chili entries.

4:30-ish….we eat chili! Chili contestants, please have your chili to the party by 4 so there is time for set up and ready when our judges come by….also- the board will be providing basic toppings…cheese, crackers, etc…..if your chili requires a special topping you will need to bring it (check with a board member if we are already supplying).

5:30– the chili winners will be announced and gift cards handed out….

6– we are done….for those volunteers that can help with tear down please find a board member and we will find something for you to do!

If you have questions or would like to help, please let us know on the Facebook Page or at hiddenoaks63303@gmail.com

Hidden Oaks Homeowners Association Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Entrance Island Update
The board is looking at options for updating our entrance island. We are looking at updating, structure, watering and lighting systems as well as
the plantings. We are doing this partly to give our neighborhood a facelift of sorts, but also we have a couple of repair items to work out and will wait to do those until we have decided on the new plan. We know the island looks like it needs help, and we are making plans that we hope the work starts in the fall, but the real finish will be next spring.

Annual Meeting – April 10, 2016
The annual meeting was held and we elected Meghan Haynes to finish Vince Ratchfords term, and Angela Layman to take Rich Siemons position. Rich is retiring from the board and Vince is now our Ward 3 Chairperson. We thank both of them for their service to the neighborhood and wish them well in there next endeavors! Meeting Minutes

Saint Charles Night Out – Neighborhood/ City Event
We will once again this year participate in this event with the city. The city departments such as police, fire, council persons, and the mayor will work at stopping by as many events as they can make in the time period. We will gather and have an ice cream social, with fun and good neighborhood spirit!! Please mark your calendars for Monday, September 11th from 5:30-8:30 to stop by…..this will be held in the Canyon Oak Ct in the southeast corner of the neighborhood.

Halloween Parade and Chili Cook Off
We had such fun last year we are doing it again!! This year we will have this event on Sunday, October 29th from 3-6PM. We will start with the parade- kids dress up in this year’s finery and parade through the neighborhood to show all! The parade will start at 3:30. Then we will still have fun & games going on and getting ready for the chili cook off! We will have “celebrity” judges and award prizes for the top three chilis. While judging takes place we will also line up and eat some fine chili! The board will supply grated cheese, onion, oyster crackers for the event. Please plan to BYOB for your drinks of the evening.

Girls Game Night (GGN)
We have a group of gals that get together once a month during most of the school year calendar. We gather at a different neighborhood home each month to play a game, enjoy good conversation, and of course the food we all bring! The host home provides table/ chairs for the game, and one clean bathroom! The attendees then bring appetizers/ desserts to share and drink of their choice- wala…instant party! If you wish to be on the email reminder please contact Kirsten at kirstencory@sbcglobal.net. We also post on the HOHA Facebook page the announcements about this event.

City & Neighborhood Contacts

Council Person: Ward 3 – Vince Ratchford
Email: vince.ratchford@stcharlescitymo.gov

City Website: https://www.stcharlescitymo.gov/

Hidden Oaks Website: https://hidden-oaks.com/

Hidden Oaks Facebook Page:
Please have a neighbor invite you if you don’t have access already….

Hidden Oaks Homeowners Association Board Members:
Kirsten Harrison
Angela Layman
Meghan Haynes

Contact the Board at: Hiddenoaks63303@gmail.com

HOHA Facebook Page
The neighborhood has a Facebook page that is a private group. If you are not already on this page, please ask a neighbor to invite you. This is a discussion page. If you need answers from the board, a city department, or our council person please contact them directly for prompt and appropriate answers.

Volunteers Needed
Can you help, even some of the time? As we hold events we need help with organizing, setting up, running, take down, etc with each event. We will ask at each event for help, but we also would like to start a Voluteer List. If you are willing to volunteer during an event, please email the board to let us know. As events roll around all on this list will get an email, if you can volunteer please respond to that email. Just being on the list means you will help when your schedule does allow! One item brought up at the annual meeting was coming up with “________” for welcoming new neighbors. This is a great opportunity to volunteer! Please contact the board if you have an idea of what that welcoming thing should be, and then also if you are willing to be apart of the welcoming committee. We probably just need 2-3 people for this to make sure we welcome people as they move in!

How To Get SeeClickFix
If you have a smartphone you can download the SeeClickFix app and start using it today. Don’t have a smartphone? Access it online by visiting https://SeeClickFix.com then type in St. Charles, MO.

Annual Meeting Notes April 10, 2017

Annual Meeting Notes (April 10, 2017):  (Board responses in italics.)

Review of Finances:

▪ Members in attendance were able to review a spreadsheet of all revenues and expenses for 2016.

▪ The cost for landscaping and common ground maintenance was questioned. Common ground maintenance costs about $6700 annually. Our contract was reviewed and appears to be competitive, but we can always rebid in the future. We have been pleased with our current contractor and his quick responses after major storms.

▪ Homeowners expressed an interest in entirely new plantings to be placed at the entrance monument.

▪ Can we decorate the island for Christmas?  We’d need volunteers to decorate or pay a company to decorate for us.

▪ Cost for storage locker, $480/yr? This price was reviewed last year, and it is the best local price for a ground-level storage locker.

▪ Is the website being used? While the Facebook page is very popular, there is still traffic on the neighborhood website: www.hidden-oaks.com. Please continue to invite new neighbors to our Facebook page when you meet them.

▪ What is the collection fee? This is the fee charged by City and Village to collect and maintain our revenues as well as pay expenses on our behalf.


▪ Vince Ratchford was elected to the City Council for Ward 3. As a result, he resigned from the Hidden Oaks board. Congratulations, Vince!

▪ Meghan Haynes was nominated and elected to serve the remaining one year of Vince’s term.

▪ Rich Siemons’ term expired, and he is retiring.

▪ Angela Layman was nominated and elected to serve a new, two-year term on the board.

Thank you to Angela and Meghan for serving!

Report by Council Member Laurie Feldman:

▪ In large part due to the Streets of St. Charles, Ward 3 is leading the city in growth.

▪ A Hilton “Tru” hotel is being built next to QT.

▪ Thank you to our terrific police and fire departments. They constantly attend  in-services to better prepare them to serve.

Brad Temme (Asst. City Engineer):

▪ The Convention Center Blvd. Extension (the project formerly known as the Fairgrounds Extension) is a $5.1 million or $5.7 million project depending on options. The county is funding 80% of the project; the city is funding 20%. The project presents difficulties with grading. Residents expressed concern with increased traffic flow along Fairgrounds. Laurie is concerned with wildlife habitat destruction on the project; a tree line must be maintained to preserve habitat and prevent erosion.

▪ The I-70 + 5th Street interchange will be landscaped per approval by the City Council.

▪ The drainage culverts along South 5th Street between Hidden Oaks and Rio Vista will be replaced (with funding from Prop P). This will be a 4 month project that will involve the closing of South 5th between Hidden Oaks and Rio Vista. A detour up to Friedens will be involved. Bidding for the project will begin at the end of 2017 with actual construction to begin in early 2018. Water main upgrades will be included with this project.

▪ The city is aware of the poor condition of South 5th and has a long-range goal of rebuilding that stretch of street, but there is no immediate plan to do so in the near future. Funding for such a project does not exist in the city’s general fund at this time.

Report from Officer Nacke:

▪ Please call the police if you have any questions or concerns in the neighborhood. Do not hesitate. That’s what they are here for.

▪ Emergency: 911

▪ Non-emergency: (636) 949-3300

▪ Crime Stoppers: (636) 949-3333

▪ For broken-down cars parked on the street, call the police. They will contact the Community Development department about removing the vehicles.

▪ If residents are speeding in the neighborhood (especially with children around), call the police, and they will try to speak with the driver.

▪ There has been no noticeable uptick in crime with the addition of the Streets of St.Charles development. They have their own security and try to handle all non-criminal situations on their own.

▪ Residents did express frustration with the number of cars parked on the street while the driveways are empty. Please keep in mind that many homeowners do not like so many cars on the street.

Homeowner Discussion:

▪ We are still finding issues with dog owners not picking up after their pets and/or leashing their pets. Many residents are concerned about unleashed dogs taking off after people/other dogs.

▪ Solicitors in the neighborhood must have a permit issued by the city.

▪ After a discussion over the possibility of installing a “No Soliciting” sign at the entrance to the neighborhood (that may or may not deter solicitors), the sign was voted down.

“No Soliciting” decals for your homes are available. Please email the board if you are interested in one.

▪ If you have any concerns over the Rose Properties apartments, use the See Click Fix app to report them.

▪ Residents expressed concern with the city’s recent practice of using asphalt to repair concrete sidewalks.

▪ Please don’t blow your grass clippings into the street. It decreases the aesthetic value of the neighborhood and possibly makes a neighbor clean them up.

▪ Trash cans need to be stored behind the front plane of homes on non-collection days.

The board can send letters to offenders.

▪ Preliminary work has begun on creating a new, neighborhood directory. Do we want residents to be able to place ads in the directory?

▪ If residents would like to establish a welcoming committee for new homeowners and/or make welcome baskets for new arrivals, please contact the board to volunteer.

Halloween Parade And Chili Cook Off 2017

Hidden Oaks Residents are invited to participate in our Halloween Parade And Chili Cook Off 2017.

If you can help out at this event please email us at hiddenoaks63303@gmail.com and let us know!

Halloween Parade/ Chili Cook Off: Sunday, 10/29 3-6PM- This mostly annual event is a parade of our kids in their costumes during the daytime! We will parade through the neighborhood so we can all see their festive attire! When the parade is complete the chili cook off begins! We will announce more details about both as it gets closer….save the date for now!!

Date: Sunday, 10/29 3-6PM
Location: Canyon Oak Ct, and the common ground there.

We will need help with set up/ take down/ and during event activities, if you can help please contact the board at the email above!

Thank you! Have a great Summer!
Kirsten, Angela, and Mehgan

Email Us to join our Hidden Oaks Facebook page or Email list.

St Charles Night Out: Monday, 9/11 5:30-8:30PM

Hidden Oaks Residents are invited to participate in St. Charles Night Out.

If you can help out at this event please email us at hiddenoaks63303@gmail.com and let us know!

St Charles Night Out: Monday, 9/11 5:30-8:30PM– this is the event sponsored by the city and we participate that the focus is getting to know your neighbors and city officials. We will have an ice cream social, games/ activities, and yes….the bounce house!

Location: Canyon Oak Ct, and the common ground there.

We will need help with set up/ take down/ and during event activities, if you can help please contact the board at the email above!

Thank you! Have a great Summer!
Kirsten, Angela, and Mehgan

Email Us to join our Hidden Oaks Facebook page or Email list.

Annual Meeting/Assessments/Volunteers

Have you marked your calendars? April 10th 6:30PM @ the Police Station on Zumbell….it is the Annual Meeting once again!!!! We have a variety of topics to discuss, plus Laurie Feldman our Councilperson who is retiring will be there.
We will be voting on new board members that evening also. We need some possible candidates to fill the two empty spots. If you are interested and have questions, please contact a current board member.
We would love for you to attend, and we need to make a quorum- that means 20 households to attend the meeting. So please plan on attending- but if you cannot, please complete the proxy ballot and turn in at 905 Burn Oak Dr (there is a special mailbox there).
Anyone voting or a candidate for board member must be current in their annual fees, please make sure you are current also. These are due 3/31/17 (this Friday).

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Hidden Oaks Homeowners Association will be held on Monday, April 10th at 6:30PM. It will be held at the St. Charles Police Station on Zumbehl Rd. in the Community Room. This is a meeting for all residents of Hidden Oaks, and all are invited to attend.

The meeting will consist of the annual election of the board of trustees, the annual review of the association’s budget, and discussions of neighborhood items & events. Laurie Feldman will attend, and we will be thanking her for her service as she retires from being our Councilperson. She is bringing someone from the Public Works Dept to speak also. We will also have the Police Dept on hand to fill us in and ask questions.

Most importantly, we will be electing two new members to the board of trustees. If you are interested in being nominated, please contact the current board at hiddenoaks63303@gmail.com. We can discuss what is involved if you have questions. All new nominees will be nominated and seconded that night before the election. Any homeowner running for this office and any homeowner voting must be current in their annual association dues.

We would love for all to attend, but if you have a scheduling conflict and cannot make this meeting you can assign a proxy for your vote. Please complete your proxy ballot and with approval put this ballot in the specially marked ballot box at 905 Burn Oak Dr. This will be set out from March 26 to April 9 for these to be turned in.

If you have any questions, email us.  Thank you!

Fall Festival – October 30th

The neighborhood fall festival is coming up and we need to get some volunteers lined up to help! Please reply with what you would like to help with and we will get back to you on timing or other details.

This is fun neighborhood social time, please plan on coming out to help and have fun! Here is what we need help with:

-Set Up – tables/ games/ craft area

-Help get supplies from store room – pick up truck helpful

-Lead parade- Help lead the parade through the neighborhood

-Help eyeball safety on bounce house

-Help judges get tastes, count votes

-Pack up/ teardown- pack into trucks

-Return items to storeroom

Animal Control

From the Police Department & Animal Control – How to Handle a Loose or Lost Dog

When anyone sees a loose or lost dog please contact Animal Control at 636-949-3395 during normal business hours. You can also contact the Police Department 636-949-3300 to report this during nights, weekends & holidays.

Add these phone numbers to your contacts in your phone so they are readily available. Please let the officials handle the situation and please notify them when you see it. They are here to help, so please contact them.

National Night Out

Hey Hidden Oaks! We’re going to have an ice cream social for National Night Out on Monday, September 12th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm on Canyon Oak Court!

Please stop by during that time for ice cream, games for the kids, and a bounce house. AND … we have many opportunities to volunteer including set-up, tear down, and scooping ice cream. Shifts shouldn’t last for more than 30 minutes, but scoopers will need to bring your own ice cream scoops.

If you are interested in volunteering, send an email to hiddenoaks63303@gmail.com. See you all there!