Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Hidden Oaks Homeowners Association will be held on Monday, April 10th at 6:30PM. It will be held at the St. Charles Police Station on Zumbehl Rd. in the Community Room. This is a meeting for all residents of Hidden Oaks, and all are invited to attend.

The meeting will consist of the annual election of the board of trustees, the annual review of the association’s budget, and discussions of neighborhood items & events. Laurie Feldman will attend, and we will be thanking her for her service as she retires from being our Councilperson. She is bringing someone from the Public Works Dept to speak also. We will also have the Police Dept on hand to fill us in and ask questions.

Most importantly, we will be electing two new members to the board of trustees. If you are interested in being nominated, please contact the current board at We can discuss what is involved if you have questions. All new nominees will be nominated and seconded that night before the election. Any homeowner running for this office and any homeowner voting must be current in their annual association dues.

We would love for all to attend, but if you have a scheduling conflict and cannot make this meeting you can assign a proxy for your vote. Please complete your proxy ballot and with approval put this ballot in the specially marked ballot box at 905 Burn Oak Dr. This will be set out from March 26 to April 9 for these to be turned in.

If you have any questions, email us.  Thank you!

Fall Festival – October 30th

The neighborhood fall festival is coming up and we need to get some volunteers lined up to help! Please reply with what you would like to help with and we will get back to you on timing or other details.

This is fun neighborhood social time, please plan on coming out to help and have fun! Here is what we need help with:

-Set Up – tables/ games/ craft area

-Help get supplies from store room – pick up truck helpful

-Lead parade- Help lead the parade through the neighborhood

-Help eyeball safety on bounce house

-Help judges get tastes, count votes

-Pack up/ teardown- pack into trucks

-Return items to storeroom

Animal Control

From the Police Department & Animal Control – How to Handle a Loose or Lost Dog

When anyone sees a loose or lost dog please contact Animal Control at 636-949-3395 during normal business hours. You can also contact the Police Department 636-949-3300 to report this during nights, weekends & holidays.

Add these phone numbers to your contacts in your phone so they are readily available. Please let the officials handle the situation and please notify them when you see it. They are here to help, so please contact them.

National Night Out

Hey Hidden Oaks! We’re going to have an ice cream social for National Night Out on Monday, September 12th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm on Canyon Oak Court!

Please stop by during that time for ice cream, games for the kids, and a bounce house. AND … we have many opportunities to volunteer including set-up, tear down, and scooping ice cream. Shifts shouldn’t last for more than 30 minutes, but scoopers will need to bring your own ice cream scoops.

If you are interested in volunteering, send an email to See you all there!

Garage Sale/Fairgrounds Update

Fairgrounds Project Meeting (Updated 5/20)

The current project timeline for extending Fairgrounds through to the Convention Center begins with requesting funding from the county (80%) in June or July of this year.  After approval and design, construction is expected to start in Spring of 2019 and be complete in Winter of 2019.
The design provides for one lane of traffic in each direction, with the exception of including left turn lanes at the Convention Center, Wedgewood and South Fifth.  There will also be a mixed use path or sidewalk along the proposed extension.
This project has been a part of the Long Range Plan for the city since 2005.  The plan can be viewed here:
More information on the County Road Board can be found here:
Handouts from the public meeting can be downloaded here.


HOHA Annual Garage Sale

Clean out those closets and sweep out the garage for our annual
neighborhood garage sale. Participate on 1 day, 2 days, or all 3 days.

If you want your house to be listed on the map we give to shoppers, contact Carol at or 636-940-1874 with your name, the days you
will participate, and your house address.

Wednesday, June 1 from 7:30am-1pm
Friday, June 3 from 4-7pm
Saturday, June 4 from 7:30am-12noon

Annual Meeting Recap



The meeting opened with representatives from the city speaking on behalf of Laurie Feldman, our Councilwoman from Ward 3 . Eleanor Schmerler and Dan Rothermich updated us on the various projects going on in the city.

The Fifth Street Construction Project is on target and scheduled to be completed by the end of the second quarter (June 30, 2016)

  • The Streets of St. Charles is moving along with the construction of a P.F. Changs restaurant, an Orangetheory Fitness and Gym, a new nail salon, a shoe store and a Drury Inn with a parking garage to be built across from the AMC theater.
  • A new Diverging Diamond Interchange at the intersection of 5th street and Interstate 70 similar to the one at Mid- Rivers Mall drive and Interstate 70 is currently in the initial construction phase. There are multiple phases to this project to include a new one-way outer road between Fifth Street and Fairgrounds Road along with many more improvements. You find out all about this construction at the project website.
  • On 4/25 Veterans Memorial Parkway between Fairgrounds Rd and Fifth St will change to one-way (EB) traffic only. This is a permanent change.

Next on the agenda board member Rich Siemons spoke about the 2015 financial report for the subdivision. A detailed spreadsheet was given to all in attendance. It was noted that there was some extra expenses for common ground maintenance due to the removal of dead trees and some damage to the monument area at the entrance to the subdivision and there was some legal expenses incurred to modify and update our covenants. But we were still able to be in the black and saved $306 for the year. A question was raised regarding security in the subdivision and the possibility of installing some CCTV cameras. It was noted that the monitoring and installation of this might be cost prohibitive but the board was open for discussion on this. A member brought up the fact that we should all keep an eye out for our neighbors and don’t be afraid to call the police if you see something suspicious.

Next was the ballot results of the 2 proposed changes to our covenants. The first which changes the number and term for the Board of Directors to allow for continuity on the board at all times. The second allows for fences to be constructed of materials other than wood provided that the fence is approved by the Board and meets the other qualifications in the Covenants. Both amendments passed with the required 70% majority of homeowners, 143 homeowners voted in favor of the term of service  for  Board Members and 141 voted in favor of the new fence provision. These changes will now be put into our covenants once they are certified by the County.

Election of Board members was next on the agenda. Current Board member Mark Verzino is not seeking another term so former Board member Kirsten Harrison agreed to serve again with current board members Vince Ratchford and Rich Siemons. All three members were nominated and ballots were passed out. The votes were tallied and all three members won. With the new covenant provisions, Vince and Kirsten will be serving 2-year terms and Rich will serve one year.

After the voting was completed, Board member Vince Ratchford spoke about Ordinance and Covenant reminders. He reminded everyone of their responsibility to maintain the landscaping around their homes now that spring and summer are here. This includes keeping trees trimmed and pruned back and not blocking sidewalks in the front. He also stressed that you must keep your pet on a leash and pick up the litter when walking.

Recreational vehicles/boats have a 24 hour load and unload time period, please respect this city ordinance. If there are flooding events and the Mayor lifts this ordinance for a time period these vehicles are allowed to be parked at one’s home, or elsewhere allowed by the temporary repeal of the ordinance.

There is an app called “SEE CLICK FIX” that you can download on your smartphone that you can use  to report  a violation to the city anonymously. The city monitors this daily and will send an inspector out to view the situation.  A question was raised about barking dogs and how to handle this. It was suggested to call the police non-emergency telephone  number at 696-949-3300 and report it.

The last thing on the agenda was talking about social events in the subdivision and general discussion. One resident brought up the topic of replacing smoke detectors in your home. He suggested that if you haven’t  replaced your smoke detectors in the last 5 years or so, that it would be wise to change them out. He said you should replace all of them at the same time because they are all linked together, so if one goes off they all do.   It was decided to participate in the National Night Out again this year versus having picnic at Vogt park. Everyone seem to enjoy National Night Out last year here in our subdivision. We are looking for volunteers to help with the subdivision garage sale. If you are interested call one of the board members. You can get their numbers at our website or email us.

Email the above address with questions or to be added to the Facebook group.

Annual Meeting

By now, you all should have received the annual dues notice and ballot for the proposed amendments to the covenants. Please be sure to submit your dues payment and the completed and signed amendment ballot to City and Village by March 31.

The annual meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 11 at 7 P.M. (one-half hour after the anticipated conclusion of the Cardinals’ opening day game). We will meet at the St. Charles police department located at 1781 Zumbehl Road. At that meeting, we will provide updates regarding events involving the neighborhood, discuss the results of the amendment voting, and elect board members.

If there are any topics that you would like to have discussed, feel free to share them with us ahead of time, and we will try to be prepared to facilitate a discussion on that topic.

If you are interested in serving on the board, please let a current member know. We are in need of at least one additional person in order to have at least three candidates for this next year. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the position or any other issue involving Hidden Oaks.

You can download the ballot here: HOHA 2016 Proposed Ballot Page (1)

St. Charles Night Out

Hidden Oaks will participate in St. Charles Night out this year instead of holding our annual picnic at Vogt Brothers Park.   National Night Out will be held on Monday, September 14th. Neighborhoods throughout St. Charles are being invited to participate in this crime and drug prevention event. Beginning at 5:30PM, residents are encouraged to turn on outside lights and spend the evening outside with neighbors. This event provides neigh-
bors the opportunity to meet or reconnect with one another. Registered block parties will receive visits from the Police Department, Fire Department and City Officials. Night Out 2015 is being supported, in part, by Target and volunteers from the St. Charles Target will be visiting registered parties to give out gifts.

St. Charles Night Out is designed to:

 -Increase crime and drug prevention awareness throughout the community

 -Generate support and participation in local anti-crime efforts

 -Strengthen neighborhood unity

 -Enhance police-community partnerships

 -Send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back

 -Promote the importance of the Neighborhood Watch program

Neighborhood News

We just have a few updates for the summer season.

Please be sure to clean up after your pets while you are out for a walk, and be sure to keep them on a leash. If you use a lead in the front yard, please keep it short. A lead that allows a dog to almost reach the sidewalk can be intimidating for pedestrians or dogs passing by.

As the season goes on, please be mindful of branches drooping low over the sidewalk and prune them as necessary so as not to interfere with those passing by; and please remember to clean up the sidewalk and curb after cutting the grass.

Kids are out of school now, so please slow down so that you can stop in time should someone dart into the street in front of you. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour on our streets, please keep that in mind.

Please be sure to keep your car & home doors locked, and keep the garage door closed, too. A garage door opener left in a vehicle that is parked outside is an easy way in, so the door from the garage to the house should be locked, too. It might help all of us if we kept more porch lights on whenever possible, and you may consider adding motion activated lights near the rear entrance to your home.

Mark your calendars for September 26th. We will hold our annual picnic at Vogt Brothers Park. Please let us know if you’d like to help plan this event.

It shall be lawful for any person to set off, use, burn, explode or fire off non-rocket, non-missile or aerial fireworks that do not contain a stick or fin, firecrackers, fireworks, torpedoes, bombs, rockets, pin wheels, fire balloons, Roman candles, toy cannons, toy pistols or other fireworks of a like kind within the municipal boundaries of the City between the hours of 12:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M. on July third (3rd) and fourth (4th) of each and every calendar year.

If you have not yet paid the yearly assessment that was due in March, please do so soon. This money is used to pay for utilities at the entrance to the neighborhood, landscaping, social events, etc. Thanks!

Please remember that it is against city ordinance to keep a boat or RV in front of your home, unless loading or unloading. The Mayor’s Office will occasionally lift this restriction if the river rises and floods storage areas used for boats and RVs. Please keep yourself informed on when this restriction is in place, and when it is suspended. When the restriction is in place, code enforcement officers will patrol the area and write citations as needed.

Annual Meeting Notes

Our annual meeting was held on Monday, April 6, 2015 at the police department on Zumbehl Rd.

We had a lot of good discussion on agenda items and current events regarding our subdivision. Alderwoman Laurie Feldman and two gentlemen from the Community Development and Public Works departments were there to speak on current events and construction within the City.

The meeting opened with Alderwoman Feldman speaking. She talked about the Streets of St. Charles development and some of the new businesses slated to open in the near future such as a Picasso coffee shop and Wasabi Sushi Bar. She stated that there is still 50% more land to be developed in that area. She noted that the Columns banquet facility has been closed and sold to SSM Health Group. They are planning to tear down the Columns and build a 4 story medical center and garage. Lombardo homes currently has nine new homes under construction on the old golf course property and the first phase is just about sold out. The new subdivision will be called the Estates at Talbridge. She also mentioned the city has purchased Bangert Island as part of a renewed effort to get developers interested in the shore opposite the island for a major development. They are going to be making improvements to the island, but it will continue to be a recreational area.There were questions regarding the Edward Rose development on the old golf course property. Alderwoman Feldman is aware of the fact that things are moving slower than hoped, and she expressed frustration to our residents on the lack of movement on construction. She said that they will continue to monitor the situation. Rose has applied for permits, so there is not much that can be done at this point.

Next to speak was John, the Assistant Director of Public Works. He talked about the new Public Works facility being constructed on the north side of town near Mueller Field next to the Coke warehouse. On November 6, 2012, voters of the City of St. Charles approved Proposition 1 to allocate $8.3 million in General Obligation Bonds to design, construct, and furnish a new Public Works Facility  This new facility will combine the Water Distribution and Streets Division departments. The new facility will include:

  • Additional service bays to maintain over 150 trucks, SCAT buses, and various heavy equipment
  • An indoor storage area for weather sensitive equipment, tools, and materials
  • An outdoor bulk storage area for street construction, lighting, and landscape materials
  • On-site storage for trucks, construction equipment, and snow plows
  • An area to house and store sewer pipe, manhole structures, and components
  • Signs and traffic control barricades storage
  • A proposed salt dome with 4,000 ton storage capacity
  • Administrative offices and training room for Public Works personnel

Next to speak was Kevin, an engineer from the Community Development department. He gave us an update on the Fifth Street construction project from Booneslick to First Capitol currently underway. This construction will entail putting in wider sidewalks, widening the street, improved lighting, replacing the water main and storm sewers, and eliminating the overhead utilities. There will be one more traffic signal added along the way.  When completed, there will be 4 lanes…..2 lanes northbound, 1 lane southbound, and a center turn lane.  This will eliminate the merge issue that slows traffic and is a pain to deal with currently. He stated that this is a $10.5 million dollar project of which the city will pay only $2.8 million. The city received a federal grant of over $7 million.

Kevin also spoke about the redevelopment of the 5th Street overpass. He said that is the next overpass to be reconstructed, but it will take place within the next 5 years. It will be a “Diverging Diamond” concept like the one recently completed at Mid Rivers and Hwy 70.

A question was raised concerning the Fairgrounds Road extension project. Kevin said that it is in the long range plan, but there is still no funding available for it.

Hidden Oaks board member Rich Siemons talked on the 2014 budget and reviewed the spreadsheet that was given to those in attendance. After all expenses were paid, we saved $1065 this year. Due to legal expenses projected for 2015 relating to the amendment changes and various price increases for budgeted items, it was discussed and determined to cut back on the social activities budget for 2015. Several budget questions were addressed concerning lawn maintenance, rental locker fees, and the percentage of people attending social events.

Next were nominations for board positions. No other candidates expressed an interest in serving on the board, so the three current members, Vince Ratchford, Rich Siemons, and Mark Verzino, were nominated for a another term. Ballots were then passed out, and voting took place. All three members were elected to another term.

Then came discussion on the amendment changes. Everyone should have received a copy of the proposed changes to the subdivision covenants on their mailbox. The first amendment is to change the allowable materials to be used for fence construction in your yard with the exception of chain-link. The second amendment changes the length of terms that the board members can serve to two years and staggers elections so that no more than two of the three board members may change in any given year. This will allow better continuity to the Board and operations of the association. The third amendment is to modify the requirements for passage of an amendment from 70% approval of all homeowners to only 70% of those who vote, provided at least 50% of the total homeowners vote. After some good comments and discussion, it was decided to move forward with the first two proposed changes, but to hold off on the third one relating to the voting percentage on amendment passage. A few residents brought up the fact that this amendment would allow less than a majority of all homeowners to change the covenants.

Finally, the floor was opened for questions or comments regarding the subdivision. The idea of having a mobile, commercial shredder come to the subdivision for document shredding was shared. We are looking into this. There was a reminder that the annual subdivision garage sale has moved to June 3rd, 5th and 6th this year. Questions were asked concerning the best way to report maintenance issues in the neighborhood, such as pot holes, overgrown trees/bushes, trash/debris, dangerous sidewalks, etc.There is an app for your phone called “See-Click-Fix” that can be used to report these types of problems in the subdivision, or you can go to their website It was mentioned to visit our website, frequently, for any updates or information in the neighborhood. Also, if you are not a member of our Facebook group, you can send a message to the Board at to our gmail account at “” and ask to be added to our Facebook group (this is a private group). Once a member, you will be able to get real time updates on things occurring in the neighborhood. You can also send out information that will be received instantly by all members of the group. We highly recommend doing this to stay informed.